Multi Patient Incident 06/10/2018

Multi Patient Incident; 12:58AM; 12719 W Tiara St;; North Hollywood; #ValleyGlen LAFD responded to a reporting shooting with multiple patients. 7 patients transported, 5 male, 2 female (ages not available) with none in critical condition. 5 patients sustained gun shot wound injuries, 2 patients with non-gun shot related injuries. LAFD Inc#62 Limited LAFD resources remaining on scene to support LAPD operations, all others being released. ALL FURTHER QUESTIONS = LAPD Inc#0297; FS 102; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; E102 RA60 E60 RA860 T39 E239 RA89 EM14 BC14 E86 RA78 RA86 EM17 EM11 RA88 RA97 RA99 RA90 RA76 RA889 RA878 BC17 EM9 ; CH8; 17; Margaret Stewart