Multi-Patient Shooting 05/09/2021 INC#1497

Multi-Patient Shooting; INC#1497; 10:16PM; 6112 W Afton Pl;; Hollywood; PRELIM: Six patients total, all adults, unknown gender/affiliation/circumstances. 3 were in critical condition with gunshot injury. 1 patient in undetermined condition has an unspecified non-life threatening injury. 1 additional patient in undetermined condition had an unspecified medical complaint (no known injury). Those five patients have all been taken by LAFD ambulance to area hospitals, their medical status upon hospital arrival is unknown. 1 other person is deceased and remains at scene. All Media Inquiries: LAPD Hollywood Incident #4521 and Coroner.; FS 27; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 13; BC5 E227 E27 E82 EM11 EM14 RA27 RA35 RA41 RA52 RA82 T27; CH4; 12; Brian Humphrey