NOW OUT - Structure Fire 11/03/2017

NOW OUT - Structure Fire; 3:44AM; 19545 Sherman Wy;; 92 FF's took 28 minutes; Fire confined to the 2nd floor of one 2-story ~ 1,500 square foot townhome at the rear of the 56 unit complex; No injury; One pet cat from the household was seen fleeing the fire, but is unaccounted for; Fire cause under investigation; Loss and number of persons that may be displaced from the involved unit are still being tabulated; FS 73; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; Dispatched Units: E273 T73 RA73 RA873 E104 T93 E93 E293 E72 BC17 BC15 E103 E100 E305 T105 E296 T96 CM42 EM17 BC10 E88 UR88 T89 E289 UR89 RA89 RA889 HR3 BC14 T88 E288 RA104 EM15 EM14bro bc; CH: 9; 17.18; - Brian Humphrey