NOW OUT - Vegetation Fire 07/06/2017

NOW OUT - Vegetation Fire; 02:09PM; Angels Point Rd near Academy Rd;; #ElysianPark; The first arriving 4 LAFD FF's stopped fire's forward progress to one-third acre; 20 additional LAFD personnel and Park Rangers fully extinguished fire in 11 minutes (2:20 PM); No injury; No structure; Cause TBD; There is currently no known connection between this fire and distant blazes earlier today in the 618 acre urban park; NFD; FS 20; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 13; Dispatched Units: E220 T20 E11 BC18 E47 RA1 E203 T3 E3 E235 T35 E26 BC1 CW3BCH; CH: 7; 17; - Brian Humphrey