Outside Fire 10/13/2021 INC#1028

Outside Fire; INC#1028; 02:38PM; 1420 N Alameda St; https://bit.ly/3iZbSli; Wilmington; Large outside fire involving rubbish and grass near shipping containers. Reports of loud sounds hear nearby have prompted an LAFD hazardous materials response. Railway will be closed through the Alameda Corridor. LAPD on scene Inc #2968. LAFD Fire Investigators en route.; FS 38; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC13 BC4 CM32 E248 E285 E49 E64 E85 JT1 JT3 RA112 RA36 SH12 SQ48 T48 T85; CH9; 12; Nicholas Prange