Shooting/Stabbing 04/01/2019 INC#1469

Shooting/Stabbing; INC#1469; 10:14PM; 3325 W Slauson Av;; Hyde Park; The LAFD transported a total of 19 patients;2 critical (at least one as a result of auto vs pedestrian, one with penetrating, traumatic injury with cause unknown), 2 serious and 15 with non-life threatening injuries;There was no evidence of any gun shot wounds;The majority of injuries were related to 'trample injuries' sustained when the crowd rushed out;No Further Details; FS 66; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; BC1 BC13 BC18 BC5 CM22 E226 E266 E294 E34 E46 E66 E94 EM11 EM13 PI4 RA246 RA266 RA27 RA33 RA34 RA46 RA57 RA66 RA826 RA827 RA834 RA846 RA866 RA95 T26 T66 T94; CH7; 12 13; Margaret Stewart