Structure Fire 01/14/2020 INC#0197

Structure Fire; INC#0197; 5:52AM; 916 N Macneil St;; San Fernando; Heavy fire coming from the attic of a one-story single-family home. Fire attack team used a transitional attack from just outside to cool the extremely hot atmosphere before going in. Roof companies needed to use roof ladders (with hooks on top) due to the steep pitch of the roof. The one occupant was located outside unharmed (after initially being reported as trapped). Firefighters found excessive storage conditions inside that slowed their progress. Firefighters continue to launch an offensive attack with a coordinated effort between rooftop ventilation and interior fire attack with hose lines; FS 91; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; AR2 BC10 BC12 E260 E275 E298 E496 E91 E98 EM15 RA891 RA91 RA98 T60 T75 T98; CH9; 12; -Nicholas Prange