Structure Fire 08/19/2018 INC#0159

Structure Fire; INC#0159; 2:36AM; 10959 W Kinross Av;; Westwood; 49 FF's in 41 minutes; Firefighters arrived to find a one-story commercial building with smoke showing from "D1 Cafe" which is one of at least three businesses within the building; Firefighters quickly extinguished the flames and stopped the horizontal spread into the adjoining business; A 47 y/o male was transported with an unspecified medical complaint, unknown if related to the incident; No additional injuries; Cause/ Loss TBD; LA Department of Building and Safety notified ; FS 37; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 5; AR2 BC18 BC5 BC9 CM42 E237 E263 E292 E37 E59 E62 E71 EA1 EM9 RA37 RA71 RA837 RA92 T37 T63 T92; CH7; 17 18; Amy Bastman