Structure Fire 08/22/2023 INC#0145

Structure Fire; INC#0145; 03:33AM; 12400 W Branford St;; Pacoima; One story (approx 75'x75') commercial building (auto body/tire shop) with fire showing upon arrival. Two additional task forces were requested. A defensive operation was initiated and located multiple autos fully involved inside the structure.; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC12 BC14 BC15 CM40 CM42 E227 E275 E289 E290 E298 E7 E75 E77 E81 E89 E98 EM15 HR3 RA889 RA898 RA98 SO1 T27 T75 T89 T90 T98 UR88 UR89; CH9; 17 18; Margaret Stewart