Structure Fire 10/23/2023 INC#0244

Structure Fire; INC#0244; 05:52AM; 1418 N New Hampshire Av;; East Hollywood; Two story vacant hotel property with fire on the 2nd floor. Roof ventilation has opened holes and has heavy fire through the holes. There are no other structures exposed. There are no injuries reported. This incident is at the Greater Alarm status.; FS 35; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 13; BC1 BC11 BC5 CM20 CM22 CM52 E20 E211 E220 E227 E235 E250 E27 E3 E35 E56 E6 E76 E82 EM1 HR3 RA27 RA35 RA803 RA827 RA835 SO1 SQ21 T11 T20 T27 T35 T50 UR27 UR3 UR88; CH9; 12 13; Margaret Stewart