Structure Fire - Now Out 01/29/2020 INC#0277

Structure Fire - Now Out; INC#0277; 06:30AM; 11601 Wilshire Bl;; Brentwood; 26 story modern sealed high rose office building on the northwest corner of Wilshire Blvd and San Vicente Blvd had remodeling taking place on the three lowermost floors. Exterior scaffolding supported a tent-like protection 'wrapping' of those 3 lower floors that caught fire during a period of strong and sustained (35 mph+) wind, with flames swiftly extending into the first three floors. Most serious fire damage to the first and second floor, with multiple lower floor windows broken by the wind-swept flames. Fifty+ building occupants safely evacuated, and fire sprinklers activated as designed on multiple floors. One adult male civilian sustained smoke exposure, and has been taken to an area hospital for further evaluation. His condition was not specified. The 126 LAFD Firefighters assigned had flames extinguished in 40 minutes (at 7:10 AM). LAFD personnel anticipate being at the scene help to perform overhaul and water removal through early this afternoon. The fire's cause remains under active investigation; FS 37; Batt 9; West Bureau; Dispatched LAFD Units: AR1 BC11 BC14 BC18 BC2 BC4 BC5 BC9 CM42 E19 E227 E237 E261 E263 E269 E288 E292 E295 E37 E43 E59 E62 E63 E71 E88 EM14 EM18 EM4 EM9 HR3 RA19 RA27 RA37 RA59 RA71 RA827 RA837 RA892 RA92 T27 T37 T61 T63 T69 T88 T92 T95 UR27 UR88; Radio Channels: 9; 14 , 15; - Brian Humphrey