Update Aircraft Down 11/12/2020 INC#0621

Update Aircraft Down; INC#0621; 01:10PM; 10654 N Sutter Av; https://bit.ly/38Byy6B; Pacoima; Firefighters extinguished the flames engulfing at least two vehicles and the wreckage after a small aircraft went down in a residential area. The fire spread to trees and vegetation in front of a residential home, but firefighters navigated downed power lines and protected the home from sustaining any structural fire damage. Sadly, the sole occupant of the aircraft was deceased. No other bystander injuries reported. The circumstances surrounding the events leading up to the crash are under investigation (LAPD, FAA, and NTSB were notified). Our partners at DWP assisted with shutting down power to the area due to the electrical hazard from downed power lines. ; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC14 BC15 CM41 CM742 E275 E298 E75 E77 E88 E98 EM12 JT1 PH1 PI1 RA7 RA898 RA98 SQ21 SQ87 T75 T98; CH8; 14; Nicholas Prange