Update Aircraft Down Incident Details 09/03/2018 INC#0970

Update Incident Details Aircraft Down; INC#0970; 05:09PM; 12653 W Osborne St; http://bit.ly/2Q3aG04; Pacoima; As the Cessna 150L took off from Whiteman Airport the plane experienced an unknown problem which was reported over the radio. The plane struck a building causing it to land upside down. Two patients inside the plane included a 60 y/o male in cardiac arrest who received immediate CPR (grave condition), and a 12 y/o male in critical condition both transported to nearby trauma centers. Whiteman Airport houses LA County Fire Department equipment and personnel who were able to immediately extinguish the flames with a fire extinguisher and render emergency aid as LAFD Firefighters quickly responded. ; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 CM42 E298 E7 E75 E77 E98 EM15 EM17 HR3 PI1 RA7 RA77 RA98 T98 UR88; CH8; 17; Amy Bastman