Update Assist Incident Concluded 12/28/2017

Update Incident Concluded Assist; 6:58AM; EB VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE FY; San Pedro; #jumper; After over 7 hours on-scene, a 55 y/o male has been safely assisted from the Vincent Thomas Bridge after threatening to jump; LAFD boats were on-scene along with ground crews who were able to deploy multiple rescue air cushions ("airbags") in relation to the patient's location; The patient has been transported to a local hospital for further evaluation; Port Police, CHP, and LAFD coordinated efforts; LAFD Inc #273; CHP Log #549; FS 36; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; E36 RA36 E112 E248 T48 BT1 E40 T85 E85 E285 EM13 BC6 BT2 BT17 RA85 T10 E210 UR85 TM10 TL61 TM9 RA848 BT5 BT1 ; Amy Bastman