Update Brush Fire 05/15/2021 INC#1448

Update Brush Fire; INC#1448; 04:15PM; 1807 N Michael Ln; https://bit.ly/3yfAAUe; Pacific Palisades; #PalisadesIC There is a flare-up within the incident which is creating a large plume residents may see. The estimated size is 100 acres 'slop over' (meaning the edge of the fire crossed a control line as opposed to a 'spot fire' which is ahead of the fire body). Because the area of land under threat (to the west) is within the SRA (State Responsibility Area) which is a CAL-FIRE (state fire agency) jurisdiction (contracted to LA County Fire) this incident is expanding to a Unified Command with CAL-FIRE, LAFD and LA County Fire working together at incident command (for more information on SRA, https://bit.ly/3yc42dX). Fixed wing aircraft are approved for use as needed, determined by the Incident Command. Ventura Co Fire Dept is also provided a water dropping helicopter. There are no evacuation orders in place. The terrain is very steep and extremely difficult to navigate which hinders ground based firefighting operations. The bulk of the firefighting is air based. There are no injuries reported.; FS 23; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; AR1 BC12 BC17 BC18 BC9 CM42 CM52 E1 E105 E11 E19 E2 E23 E237 E26 E263 E269 E273 E290 E293 E305 E33 E37 E5 E60 E63 E69 E73 E82C E84 E85 E88 E9 E90 E93 E94 EM17 H1 H2 H5 H6 HA1 HA2 HA5 HA6 HE1 PH1 PI2 RA23 RH114 T105 T37 T63 T69 T73 T90 T93; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart