Update Brush Fire 09/02/2017

Update Brush Fire; 10:06PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; internal:/; Sun Valley; Incident is under the Unified Command of LAFD, Glendale Fire, Burbank Fire and LACoFD. Total personnel assigned = approx 800. Acreage = 5,800 Containment = 10% Freeway Closures: 210 East closed at Wheatland and reopens at Lowell, 210 West closed at 2 Freeway and reopens at Osborne. Evac Centers: No change from previous alerts. MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: LA CITY - NO CHANGE (1200 McGroaty Park Area: McGroaty to Valaho Pl; 1200 Wornom South of Sunland; 1500 Morning Glow South of La Tuna. GLENDALE: Glenwood Oaks Area - End of Boston Av - El Lado Dr, Cedarbend Dr, Tanbark Place, Ferntree Place, Beechglen Dr; New York Ave Area - Mountain Oaks Parks, Celita Way, Kadletz Rd. BURBANK: EFFECTIVE 10PM ALL EVACS LIFTED (Burbank only). VOLUNTARY EVACUATIONS: LA CITY; NO CHANGE GLENDALE - Whiting Wood Area, Whiting Woods Rd, Lockerbie Lane, Lockerbie Court, Hillway Dr, Mesa Lila Lane, Mesa Lila Road (Previous alert these were Mandatory Evacs). Homes/Structures Burned: LA City 3 Glendale 0 Burbank 0. Citizens/FF Injuries: 2 Firefighters transported for dehydration and in stable condition; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart