Update Brush Fire Contained 08/09/2018 INC#1087

Update Contained Brush Fire; INC#1087; 3:22PM; 11336 N Corbin Av; http://bit.ly/2MzzQBp; Chatsworth; 77 LAFD FF's in 33 minutes; All forward progress of the fire has been stopped with firefighting lines completely surrounding the burned 2 acres of light fuels; The blaze was stopped prior to extending into nearby medium vegetation or surrounding homes; No homes threatened; LACoFD assisting; No reported injuries; Cause TBD; FS 28; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC12 BC15 BC17 CW3A E103 E104 E106 E107 E28 E287 E290 E296 E70 E8 E87 E90 EM15 H3 H5 H6 RA107 T87 T90 T96 WT88; CH5; 12; Amy Bastman