Update Brush Fire Knockdown #CapriFire 09/19/2020 INC#1269

Update Knockdown #CapriFire Brush Fire; INC#1269; 09:33PM; Santa Monica Mountains; https://bit.ly/2RGfMRM; Brentwood; A well-coordinated air and ground assault in rugged and remote terrain by 81 LAFD personnel (including 4 LAFD helicopters) and one LACoFD helicopter and three hand crews in Automatic Aid, have fully contained and extinguished a stubborn fire, that ultimately consumed a little more than one-half (0.50) acre of medium-to-heavy brush near the Sullivan Fire Road in Rustic Canyon in the vicinity of Murphy Ranch. Several uninjured hikers stranded by the blaze were shepherded to safety by LAFD ground crews. There were no injuries, no structure threat or damage, and no need for evacuation. The cause of the fire remains under investigation; FS 19; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; Dispatched LAFD Units: BC706 BC9 BP19 BP23 BP44 CE83 CM42 E19 E23 E237 E269 E290 E292 E59 E62 E71 E84 E90 EM9 H1 H4 H6 HA1 HA4 HA6 RA19 RA69 T37 T69 T90 T92 + LACoFD Copter and Handcrews; - Brian Humphrey