Update Brush Fire #SepulvedaFire 10/24/2019 INC#1206

Update Brush Fire #SepulvedaFire; INC#1206; 09:00PM; 5600 N Woodley Ave; http://bit.ly/2JlkXms; Sepulveda Basin; The Sepulveda Fire has been stopped at approximately 60 acres, with containment at 80%. LAFD dozers cut very effective fire line that stopped the flames in their "tracks." Ground and air crews made aggressive attacks to keep this fire from damaging any buildings or even causing any evacuations. No injuries associated with this incident have been reported. The cause remains unknown and under investigation. Crews will remain on scene to mop up remaining hot spots and ensure containment lines hold as the extreme fire weather is expected to return through the night and continue into tomorrow (red flag parking restrictions in effect through tomorrow). LAFD drone pilots are surveying the area from above to more completely and accurately identify hot spots. CERT and LAFD support volunteers assisted our firefighters on scene throughout the incident. We ask residents to remain vigilant according to the lafd.org/ready-set-go wildfire preparation plan and to monitor LAFD social media and traditional news media for breaking news and updates throughout this extreme fire weather; FS 88; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; AR2 BC10 BC15 BC4 BC701 BC702 BC712 BC9 BP74 CE59 CE83 CE84 CL1 CM42 CM722 CW3A DZ12 E1 E10 E102 E109 E20 E201 E205 E21 E210 E239 E26 E27 E288 E29 E290 E3 E39 E443 E447 E5 E66 E75 E81 E83 E88 E95 E99 EM14 H1 H4 H5 HA1 HA4 HA5 HE1 PI3 PI4 RA39 SU1 T39 T88 T90 UA1 WT88; CH8; 12; -Nicholas Prange