Update Confined Space Rescue 11/07/2019 INC#0731

Update Confined Space Rescue; INC#0731; 12:55PM; 24910 S Baypoint Av; http://bit.ly/2pPnKOc; Wilmington; Firefighters have established communications with the patient and appears unharmed but 'stuck'. Urban Search and Rescue task forces are setting up the required equipment for a confined space rescue. This will likely be an extended duration incident #BaypointIC No further details.; FS 38; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC1 BC13 BC6 CM22 CM32 E205 E238 E285 E38 E49 E5 E85 EM13 HR3 RA5 RA66 RA79 RA85 T38 T5 T85 UR5 UR85 UR88; CH7; 12 13; Margaret Stewart