Update Engine Response 11/16/2022 INC#0613

Update Engine Response; INC#0613; 10:22AM; 15230 W Roxford St; https://bit.ly/3tBe3QJ; Sylmar; The (snapped) high tension wire electrical pole is at an estimated 30 degree lean towards the roof of the adjacent strip mall. The strip mall is being evacuated as well as seven homes behind the mall. Three of the homes are currently occupied and the residents are being gathered together to be escorted out. The only means of egress is under the affected power pole so they will be carefully escorted by firefighters. Traffic will remain closed at the intersection. No injuries reported. There are sustained winds approximately 20-30mph with gusts towards 60mp which are affecting the hanging wires. No further details.; FS 91; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 E18 E298 E98 T98; CH8; 18; Margaret Stewart