Update Fatality Traffic Collision 02/20/2024 INC#0520

Update Fatality Traffic Collision; INC#0520; 10:30AM; 17300 W Saticoy St; https://bit.ly/48ntZbo; #LakeBalboa; The pickup that struck the building was from a commercial pest control firm. Because the forceful collision(s) caused that truck's cargo of commercial pesticide *containers* to be ejected alongside the roadway and building, an LAFD Hazardous Materials Squad has been summoned per protocol to survey the scene and assure no actual pesticide *product* has been spilled. Though no escalating or off-site hazard has been identified, the immediate area of the collision has been cordoned off until the LAFD HazMat investigation is complete. No persons at the scene have any medical complaints, and there is no formal evacuation.; FS 100; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC10 E100 E104 E273 E290 E295 E73 EM10 HR3 JT2 RA100 RA73 SQ87 SQ95 T73 T90 T95 UR88; CH8; 17; Brian Humphrey