Update Hazardous Materials 01/14/2020 INC#0681

Update Hazardous Materials; INC#0681; 02:10PM; 330 E 93rd St; http://bit.ly/3aclS4n; Green Meadows; Los Angeles (City) Fire Department responded with Firefighter-Paramedics and Hazardous Materials Specialists to Jordan High School and 93rd Elementary, which are both within the city limits of Los Angeles, for exposure to an unconfirmed substance that fell from above after an aircraft passed over the school at a relatively low altitude (substance reportedly smelled like fuel). A total of 16 patients were evaluated with minor complaints. No one was transported by LAFD to the hospital. All patients were released on scene to parents or family members. Note: Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to different schools nearby that are outside the City of LA, within the areas the LA County Fire is responsible for. This information does not relate to these other locations handled by a different fire department; FS 64; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC1 BC13 E17 E21 E221 E295 E64 E65 EM13 JT1 JT2 RA264 RA65 RA865 RA95 SQ95 T21 T95; CH7; 13; -Nicholas Prange