Update Hazardous Materials 01/28/2019 INC#0356

Update Hazardous Materials; INC#0356; 10:50AM; 4650 Lincoln Bl; http://bit.ly/2HCPq0T; The liquid Oxygen spill originated from a sheared pipe on a 2,000G tank (majority of the tank contents spilled);The LAFD created safe, clear access for the hospital building engineer to assess/repair the damaged pipe (all questions regarding circumstances causing the damage = Hospital);LAFD ambulances assisting with a few Inter-Facility Transfers for patients identified by Hospital staff (transfer to different hospital);LAFD Hazmat determined no life hazard from the spill and the primary remaining component is LAFD assisting with the hospital medical needs;LAFD resources will start being released as appropriate;Any further questions about impact on hospital, procedures etc = Hospital admin);No Further Details; FS 67; Batt 4; West Bureau; BC4 BC9 CM42 E21 E221 E239 E26 E263 E294 E295 E62 E63 E67 E94 E95 EA1 EM9 PI1 RA257 RA266 RA59 RA63 RA867 RA894 RA94 SQ21 SQ95 T21 T39 T63 T94 T95; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart