Update Investigation 01/11/2017

Update Investigation; 03:04PM; 8189 W Gould Av; internal:/; Hollywood; Approximately 9000lbs piece of concrete from the foundation and retaining wall of the home detached and slide down hillside to N Laurel Canyon Blvd below. No injuries due to the prior closure of the road. Building and Safety with their Geologist are on scene and re-evaluating the situation given the new circumstances. Currently, the reported home is Red Tagged with the neighboring home (to the south) yellow tagged. Those could change based on the re-assessment. LAFD are placing sand bags to divert water with the expected rains this evening. Once the roadway is deemed safe, Street Services will begin the clearing process. The timeline for that to occur is undetermined. Once LAFD clears the scene, further questions will be to Building and Safety. NFD; FS 41; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4; Margaret Stewart