Update Investigation 10/01/2019 INC#0339

Update Investigation; INC#0339; 08:50AM; 801 N Vignes St; http://bit.ly/2nu20X5; Downtown; The inbound Metro (Red or Purple Line) subway train has arrived at Union Station with no evidence of smoke or fire aboard the train and no injuries. All occupants of the involved Metro subway train, as well as patrons waiting to depart on the subway system, have been safely evacuated from the subterranean subway platform to the safe and spacious Union Station level above. Union Station, Metrolink and Amtrak service are not directly affected by this investigation, though there is a significant increase in patrons safely awaiting subway service to resume. For service resumption information, follow @MetroLAAlerts on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/metrolaalerts ); FS 4; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; Dispatched LAFD Units: BC1 BC11 BC13 BC5 CM22 E1 E17 E2 E201 E202 E203 E209 E210 E250 E27 E4 E9 EM1 EM11 EM2 HR3 RA2 RA803 RA804 RA9 SQ21 T1 T10 T2 T3 T50 T9 UR3 UR88; - Brian Humphrey