Update Investigation, Police 06/30/2021 INC#1295

Update Investigation, Police; INC#1295; 09:45PM; 716 E 27th St; https://bit.ly/3y7rOHh; Historic South-Central; LAPD and LAFD will be holding a press conference with media staging at San Pedro x Adams. Time TBD (Fire Chief Terrazas and Police Chief Moore present). The total patient transported count is as follows: 9 LAPD officers treated and transported, all in fair condition with minor injuries. 1 ATF officer transported in fair condition with minor injuries. 6 civilians transported; 3 with serious injuries and 3 with minor injuries). Ages and genders will be provided in further update. There were several homes impacted and LA Building and Safety are evaluating them to determine status and if anyone will be displaced. No further details.; FS 14; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 9; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart