Update Investigation, Police 06/30/2021 INC#1295

Update Investigation, Police; INC#1295; 11:37PM; 716 E 27th St; https://bit.ly/3y7rOHh; Historic South-Central; The final patient count is 17 with 16 of those patients transported by LAFD (one declined transport). The age/gender/condition breakdown is as follows: Civilian patients: 60M, 85F, 51F with moderate injuries; 81F, 69F, 72M with minor injuries; LAPD Officers: 47M, 46M, 45M 45M, 46F, 43M, 58M 50M 55M all with minor injuries; ATF Agent 42M with minor injuries. LAPD has secured the area as a crime scene and ATF is responding to assist in the investigation. The impacted areas encompass Adams to the North, 29th St to the South, Stanford to the East and Trinity to the West. LAFD will remain on scene for an unknown duration to support the operation. This is in final update anticipated from LAFD. Any further questions are referred to LAPD. ; FS 14; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 9; Margaret Stewart