Update Jumper 07/07/2021 INC#1449

Update Jumper; INC#1449; 10:35PM; 324 S Chicago St; https://bit.ly/3qRiYem; Boyle Heights; The person was safely taken into LAPD custody and LAFD provided hospital transport. Firefighters ensured the small roof fire was fully extinguished and remain on scene to assist. LAFD Arson is conducting fire-related investigation. No further details.; FS 2; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; AO1 AO2 AR1 AR17 BC1 E2 E202 E209 E25 E4 EM1 H6 HA6 PH1 RA2 T2 T9; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart