Update Major Emergency Structure Fire Civilian Fatality 02/10/2024 INC#0066

Update Civilian Fatality Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0066; 03:45AM; 832 E Manchester Av; https://bit.ly/3wcMwKa; #GreenMeadows; As firefighters continue their search through the still smoldering debris of the 50' x 100' one-story building that was heavily involved with fire on their arrival, they have discovered the remains of one adult male civilian inside the severely damaged structure. Their systematic search will continue, to assure no other victims were inside the seemingly abandoned building that proved to contain a cannabis operation. The Mayor's Crisis Response Team has been summoned to the scene, and LAFD Public Information Officer Captain Adam VanGerpen remains on site to assist the media. The fire's cause is under active investigation.; FS 33; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; AR1 BC1 BC11 BC13 BC4 CM20 CM22 E203 E21 E215 E221 E233 E264 E266 E3 E33 E46 E57 E64 E65 E95 EA1 EM11 EM13 HR3 JT3 PI2 RA3 RA33 RA803 RA833 SO1 SQ21 SQ95 T15 T21 T3 T33 T64 T66 UR3 UR88; CH7; 12 13; Brian Humphrey