Update Major Emergency Structure Fire Damage Correction - 09/17/2022 INC#0289

Update Damage Correction - Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0289; 01:00PM; 9000 W Venice Bl; https://bit.ly/3LoI3aw; #Palms; As the investigation and clean-up continues at the scene of this morning's Major Emergency Structure Fire, it is now clear that direct fire damage was limited to *five* adjoining businesses, including (from east to west) a nail salon, smoke shop, martial arts studio, staffing agency, and pet boarding. Collateral smoke, heat and water damage affected the adjacent jewelry store to the east, and a restaurant at the west end of the building. All *seven* of those affected businesses were under one roof and shared a common attic. None of the businesses were equipped with optional fire sprinklers. The injured firefighter continues to receive medical assessment and treatment at an area hospital for his sudden illness. For additional information and imagery regarding the fire, please see https://LAFD.ORG/NEWS; - Brian Humphrey