Update Major Emergency Structure Fire #LongBeachFire 11/20/2022 INC#0159

Update #LongBeachFire Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0159; 03:40PM; 1456 S Long Beach Av; https://bit.ly/3UQnOGY; #Downtown; LAFD Firefighters and Investigators have remained at the scene of this fire through the morning and afternoon, cooling large volumes of smoldering debris while continuing to seek a definitive cause of the fire. Shortly after noon today, the remains of an adult male (unknown site affiliation / circumstances) were discovered in the rubble. An LAFD Human Remains Detection Canine Team systematically searched the site, and found no immediate indication that additional deceased persons might be on site. A positive identification of the decedent, as well as the cause, time and manner of their death, will be determined by the Coroner. Media Inquiries: LAPD Newton Incident #475 and Coroner.; FS 17; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; CH7; Brian Humphrey