Update Multi-Patient Medical 03/15/2023 INC#1030

Update Multi-Patient Medical; INC#1030; 02:45PM; 7330 N Bakman Av; https://bit.ly/42jAR82; #SunValley; A total of eight persons (both boys and girls) ages 12-16, all conscious and breathing, have been medically evaluated by LAFD Paramedics at the scene for sudden illness that appears related to their ingestion of chewable marijuana ("gummies"). Five patients have been transported to area hospitals. Three have been released at the scene to parents. Though all eight patients were discovered upon the campus of Sun Valley Magnet School, a confirmation of how each may be affiliated with the campus remains a matter for LAUSD officials. LAFD Public Information Officer Firefighter David Ortiz is at the scene conducting media interviews.; FS 89; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; AP7 BC14 E289 E60 E77 E89 EM10 EM14 EM15 PI2 RA77 RA78 RA86 RA860 RA889 RA90 RA98 T89; CH8; 17; Brian Humphrey