Update Multi-Patient Medical Suspected Overdose 12/01/2022 INC#0643

Update Suspected Overdose Multi-Patient Medical; INC#0643; 12:33PM; 5435 N Vesper Av; https://bit.ly/3GYWbY4; #ShermanOaks; A total of 10 students (12-15 years old) were evaluated at Van Nuys Middle School for suspected overdose and found to be in mild-to-moderate distress. Seven were transported to local hospitals specializing in pediatric medicine, and three were released on scene. With 50 firefighters on scene, in coordination with LA School Police and school personnel, crews systematically searched the entire school premises including hallways, classrooms, offices, and recreation areas to ensure there were no students unaccounted for. Crews on scene confirmed that this was NOT fentanyl-related. Specifics of the medical complaints and possible substance(s) used will be completed by hospital personnel.; FS 88; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; AP58 AP65 AP7 BC10 BC14 CM40 CM41 CM42 E102 E288 E290 E293 E81 E88 E99 EM10 EM14 EM9 PI1 RA27 RA59 RA70 RA71 RA76 RA81 RA84 RA87 RA88 RA90 T88 T90 T93; CH8; 17; Nicholas Prange