Update Multi-Patient Physical Rescue 03/19/2021 INC#0928

Update Multi-Patient Physical Rescue; INC#0928; 04:00PM; 6818 W Hollywood Bl; https://bit.ly/3lvKjQo; Hollywood; An SUV collided with a glass storefront (market/liquor store), striking several pedestrians. A total of five patients were transported by firefighter-paramedics to a local trauma center (at least 4 in serious-to-critical condition), and one patient declined transport. There was no compromise to the structural integrity of the building. Circumstances surrounding the collision are unknown. LAPD Inc # 2740; FS 27; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 13; BC5 E227 E235 E261 E27 E41 E482 EM1 EM11 EM4 EM9 HR3 RA27 RA35 RA41 RA76 RA82 RA835 T27 T35 T61 UR88; CH7; 14; Nicholas Prange