Update Physical Rescue 11/27/2023 INC#0471

Update Physical Rescue; INC#0471; 09:20AM; 11300 W Foothill Bl; https://bit.ly/3N3AV5L; #LakeViewTerrace; Firefighters successfully freed the trapped victim. Five total patients were assessed by LAFD Paramedics on scene. Three will not be transported by LAFD. The other two are being taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. LAPD Inc #1180. Nothing further.; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 E24 E298 E77 E98 EM15 FR91 HR3 RA74 RA898 RA91 RA98 T98 UR88; CH8; 17; Nicholas Prange