Update Red Line TA or Vehic 10/09/2019 INC#0891

Update Red Line TA or Vehic; INC#0891; 3:25PM; 3775 Wilshire Bl; http://bit.ly/33motop; Koreatown; Firefighters turned off the water system and ensured there was no fire hazard (unknown cause for the activation). The Metro engineers reset the system and all operations are being returned to Metro. No injuries reported and no fire or smoke found. No further details; FS 29; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 10; BC13 BC5 E226 E229 E26 E261 E52 E6 E61 EM11 HR3 RA52 SQ21 T26 T29 T61; CH7; 15; Margaret Stewart