Update Rescue 04/09/2022 INC#0730

Update Rescue; INC#0730; 12:45PM; 3363 N Coldwater Canyon Av; https://bit.ly/3rdHYxC; #ShermanOaks; Despite the rapid response of 39 LAFD Firefighters, including those specially trained, equipped and certified for Urban Search & Rescue operations, who utilized a Truck mounted aerial ladder, rope and harness system to safely extricate the adult male tree trimmer (trapped 50' above ground in an upside down position for an unknown time period), the man, now at ground level, has sadly been determined beyond medical help and is deceased at the scene. His affiliation with the site, and employer is unknown. Though energized electrical wires were in or near the (unknown type) tree, their role, if any, in the man's death is presently unknown. Media Inquiries: CAL-OSHA, Coroner.; FS 108; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; BC12 BC14 CM42 E108 E278 E288 E88 EM14 HR3 RA85 RA88 RA99 T78 T88 UR88; CH8; 17, 18; Brian Humphrey