Update Rescue 05/15/2018

Update Rescue; 06:50AM; 21816 Lanark St; internal:/; Canoga Park; The adult female who climbed a tree in a City park last night and remained in the tree overnight, has safely descended the tree uninjured; She was medically assessed by LAFD Paramedics and is being taken to an area hospital for further evaluation; LAPD Inc #4577; FS 106; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; Dispatched Units: E106 RA903 RA106 E472 E296 T96 T88 E88 E288 EM17 BC17 T105 E305 E90 RA107 T93 E293 E39 RA104 E8 T90 E290 PI1 E106 RA106 T88 E288 BC17; CH:8; 17; - Brian Humphrey