Update Smoke Investigation Final 11/11/2020 INC#1262

Update Final Smoke Investigation; INC#1262; 10:38PM; 41 Beverly Park Ci; https://bit.ly/35nyGEJ; Beverly Crest; The reported structure fire proved only to be a fitting request for smoke investigation, with no active fire discovered. Firefighters thoroughly searched the 28,887 square-foot 4-story premises (3 floors above ground) with thermal imaging cameras to confirm there were no concealed flames related to the smoke they noted on the second floor upon their arrival. The source of that smoke was determined to be one of several furnaces in the home that was recently serviced, and has now been taken safely off-line. There were no injuries, and all occupants have been allowed to return inside the residence. Firefighters have departed the scene.; FS 108; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; BC14 CM42 E108 E278 E288 E292 E97 E99 RA97 RA99 T78 T88 T92 and nearby Beverly Hills E2 in Automatic Aid; CH8; 17; Brian Humphrey