Update Structure Fire 09/06/2019 INC#1126

Update Structure Fire; INC#1126; 3:58PM; 14654 W Raymer St; http://bit.ly/2ZFHPYi; Van Nuys; Originally reported as a structure fire, the structures near a large outside fire have been protected. The railways nearby are unaffected. This will be an extended operation to eliminate all of the stubborn fire in this pile (many hours). Ladder pipes are being deployed and the tactic could be described as "surround and drown." Private contractors are assisting with moving large debris to allow better access to hot spots. No reported injuries. Unknown cause/loss. MOTORISTS: Keswick and Raymer are shut down to allow fire department members to operate safely around this incident; FS 81; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC10 BC12 BC14 BC5 CE83 CE84 CM42 E100 E102 E227 E239 E273 E288 E289 E290 E298 E3 E39 E5 E7 E81 EM14 HR3 RA39 RA7 RA889 T27 T29 T73 T88 T89 T90 T98 UR27 UR88; CH9; 12 14; - Nicholas Prange