Update Structure Fire 09/15/2020 INC#0143

Update Structure Fire; INC#0143; 04:16AM; 2225 W Pico Bl; https://bit.ly/35zpEFn; Pico-Union; KNOCKDOWN: 112 firefighters extinguished the fire in 46 minutes. There are no injuries reported. Cause and $ loss TBD. Firefighters will remain on scene for overhaul operations and to ensure no hot spots remain. No further details; FS 13; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 1; BC1 BC11 BC5 BC705 BC706 CM22 E10 E11 E13 E15 E210 E211 E215 E220 E226 E227 E229 E26 E27 E29 E89 EA1 EM1 EM11 EM13 HR3 RA10 RA11 RA13 RA15 RA27 RA813 T10 T11 T15 T20 T26 T27 T29 T9 UR27 UR88; CH7; 12 13; Margaret Stewart