Update Structure Fire 12/06/2018 INC#0638

Update Structure Fire; INC#0638; 9:46AM; 1314 N Echo Park Av; http://bit.ly/2E7axp0; Echo Park; 77 Firefighters continue to extinguish the heavy flames from a 50' x 70' one-story commercial building; The blaze extended through the roof of the rear of the structure with an air conditioning unit having the potential to fall through; Interior firefighters transitioned to the front of the structure where firefighters were then forced to transition into a defensive operation utilizing heavy streams to extinguish the flames; The firefighters are again in an offensive mode continuing to extinguish the fire; There are no reported injuries at this time; PIO Captain Erik Scott is on-scene; FS 20; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 13; BC11 BC2 BC5 CM22 E20 E203 E211 E220 E235 E3 E35 E56 E6 EM1 RA20 RA6 RA806 SQ21 T11 T20 T3 T35 UR3; CH9; 13 14; Amy Bastman