Update Structure Fire - with injuries 11/28/2023 INC#0144

Update Structure Fire - with injuries; INC#0144; 06:26AM; 1585 E Vernon Av; https://bit.ly/3sJ9FTe; Central-Alameda; There are currently a total of three patients with two transported: 66yo M and 64yo F (from an exposed building) were transported with serious burn injuries, 30yo M was evaluated on scene and declined LAFD hospital transport. A total of seven buildings were impacted by fire with five of them deemed a total loss. The count for residents unable to be return to their homes due to damage is 17. American Red Cross and the LA City Emergency Management Department are providing immediate assistance. Per protocol, LAFD Arson Section will conduct the cause investigation.; FS 21; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; AO1 AR1 BC1 BC11 BC13 BC4 CM20 CM22 E10 E14 E15 E20 E201 E202 E203 E209 E21 E210 E215 E221 E226 E233 E264 E266 E285 E29 E3 E33 E35 E447 E46 E9 E90 E95 EA1 EM1 EM11 EM13 H7 HA7 HE1 HR3 PH1 PI3 RA14 RA15 RA17 RA21 RA246 RA46 RA803 RA814 SO1 SQ21 SQ95 T1 T10 T15 T2 T21 T26 T3 T33 T64 T66 T85 T9 UR3 UR88; CH7; 12 13 14; Margaret Stewart