Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 05/16/2020 INC#1073

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#1073; 08:08PM; 327 E Boyd St; https://bit.ly/3dVtdqq; Downtown; Firefighters found smoke coming from a one-story commercial building and engaged in an aggressive fire attack in the offensive mode. Firefighters made entry to chase the seat of the fire, when a significant explosion occured. A MAYDAY was put out over the radio and multiple firefighters were found with significant injuries. Additional units were added, making it a Major Emergency incident. A medical branch was created to attend to injured firefighters, while other crews continued attacking the fire from a defensive posture. Knockdown was achieved almost two hours after the first alarm. Tragically, 11 firefighters with burn and other injuries (severity not confirmed). The occupancy was doing business as Smoke Tokes Wholesale Distributor, reportedly a supplier for those who make butane honey oil. The cause is of great concern to us and is under active investigation; FS 9; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; AO2 AR1 AR10 AR11 AR17 AR19 AR2 AR9 BC1 BC10 BC11 BC12 BC14 BC18 BC2 BC4 BC5 BC9 CL1 CM21 CM22 CM32 E10 E13 E14 E15 E17 E2 E201 E202 E203 E205 E209 E21 E210 E215 E220 E221 E226 E227 E233 E235 E25 E266 E27 E3 E4 E5 E89 E9 E90 EA1 EM1 EM11 EM13 EM15 EM17 H1 H3 H4 HA1 HA3 HA4 HR3 JT1 JT3 JT4 PH1 PI1 PI3 RA1 RA10 RA11 RA13 RA14 RA15 RA17 RA2 RA20 RA209 RA21 RA25 RA266 RA27 RA3 RA33 RA4 RA46 RA56 RA6 RA66 RA803 RA804 RA809 RA827 RA9 RM3 RM4 SQ21 SQ95 T1 T10 T15 T2 T20 T21 T26 T27 T3 T33 T35 T5 T66 T9 TL1 UR27 UR5 UR88; CH7; 13 14 15 16; -Nicholas Prange