Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 10/10/2017

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 10:58AM; 219 N AV 53; #HighlandPark; 126 LAFD FF's took just 70 minutes to fully extinguish the stubborn flames at this "Major Emergency" fire of a one story home that spread into the additional address of 215 N AV 53, a second residential home; Firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading to a nearby apartment building and additional exposures; 2 LAFD Firefighters were medically evaluated with one being transported to a local hospital; PIO On-Scene; Cause/ Loss TBD; LAFD Inc #455; FS 12; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; E212 T12 RA12 E55 RA55 E201 T1 E44 E42 BC2 E12 E47 E250 T50 BC1 CM22 E35 E9 T21 E221 T88 E288 EM1 BC11 RA1 E202 T3 E203 T89 E289 E87 AR13 E16 EA1 E94 E226 T26 RA47 EM11 RA56 RM2 CL1 PI2 UR88 RA47 ; Amy Bastman