Update Structure Fire Patient Information 07/02/2018

Update Patient Information Structure Fire; 3:15AM; 965 W 47TH ST; South Los Angeles; #VermontSquare; At 1:15 PM today, a 38 y/o male succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead after being treated by firefighter paramedics and rapidly transported to a nearby hospital during an early morning fire; 37 Firefighters took just 18 minutes to extinguish the flames inside a one-story 1,427 square-foot home (built 1907) with fire in the rear bedroom; The investigation team was not able to determine an exact cause, but all evidence leads us to to believe the fire was accidental in nature; No further details; LAFD Inc #158; FS 46; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; E46 RA846 RA246 E266 E66 T66 E215 T15 BC13 E15 RA46 EM11 RA66 AR1 AR37 AR11 ; Amy Bastman