Update Structure Fire Patient Information 07/22/2018 INC#0611

Update Patient Information Structure Fire; INC#0611; 11:08AM; 3971 S 2nd Av; http://bit.ly/2NCTix7; Leimert Park; 50 Firefighters extinguished the flames inside a one story home in just 22 minutes with heavy fire showing upon arrival; The first company to arrive was an LAFD ambulance returning from a previous incident as they saw smoke nearby; The two members from the ambulance were able to assist one adult resident from a window and an additional adult while performing forcible entry; Six people were inside the home including three adults and three children; Four total patients include an 83 y/o F in fair condition and a 42 y/o F in fair condition both transported to a local hospital. Additionally, two people were determined dead on-scene including an approx. 8 y/o M and 67 y/o F; A 13 y/o M and an 11 y/o F escaped uninjured; No additional information regarding circumstances; Cause of death will be determined by LA County Coroner; Crisis Response Team on-scene; PIO Ortiz on-scene; American Red Cross Los Angeles is assisting with housing; Cause is under active investigation ; FS 34; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 10; AR1 AR2 BC11 BC18 E226 E26 E294 E34 E46 E94 EA1 EM11 EM9 PI2 RA246 RA29 RA34 RA46 RA826 RA846 RA894 T26 T94; CH7; 12 13; Amy Bastman