Update Structure Fire Updated Address 01/12/2022 INC#1891

Update Updated Address Structure Fire; INC#1891; 10:48PM; 15033 W Ventura Bl; https://bit.ly/3FifjvL; Sherman Oaks; This incident is at the Greater Alarm status with 75 firefighters assigned. Due to the well-developed fire and questionable roof integrity, the Incident Commander has transitioned to a Defensive operation. There are approximately five separate businesses in this strip mall. The exposed building on the Bravo (west) side has been defended from any damage. There are downed, charged powerlines on the Charlie (north) side of the structure. No injuries reported.; FS 88; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; BC10 BC14 BC5 BC9 CM42 E102 E108 E235 E239 E288 E289 E290 E83 E87 E89 E99 EM14 EM17 HR3 RA88 RA89 T35 T39 T88 T89 T90 UR88 UR89; CH9; 17 18; Margaret Stewart