Update Traffic 01/09/2023 INC#1464

Update Traffic; INC#1464; 08:48PM; 11414 Iverson Rd; https://bit.ly/3Zm0CCZ; Chatsworth; The large sink hole is fully cutting across the southbound lane of Iverson Road. The entire road is compromised. There were a total of four patients trapped in the sink hole. Two patients self-extricated, uninjured, prior to LAFD arrival. Firefighters then secured the vehicles to limit shifting, which had already occurred twice. The road was continuing to sluff and deteriorate, necessitating an immediate rescue to save their lives. Firefighters conducted a high angle rope rescue operation, using the aerial ladder, and safely extricated both patients. They were treated and transported with minor injuries. The incident will be transitioning to law enforcement for full road closure and the appropriate City agencies can evaluate and safely remove the vehicles to being road repairs. No further details and no further updates anticipated. ; FS 96; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC15 BC17 E106 E107 E28 E289 E296 E88 E89 EM15 HR3 PI1 RA106 RA72 SC1 SW88 T89 T96 UR88 UR89; CH8; 17; Margaret Stewart